Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk & Talk Therapy

Being outdoors helps relieve stress. Reducing your stress will help you focus, clarify your goals, and improve your relationships. It is for this reason that I am happy to offer “Walk and Talk” therapy for those who are able to come to the Essex County New Jersey area.

Wilderness therapy for teens has long been an accepted treatment. Most of the clients I treat would not be able to take weeks away for an intensive program, if it were even offered. Using some concepts from wilderness therapy in a weekly counseling session allows you to learn to plug in to nature in order to create massive change for yourself.

Research is giving us more and more evidence that taking therapy outside of office walls can have incredible results. In a study conducted by Mind, a mental health charity organization, a nature walk reduced symptoms of depression in 71% of participants, compared to only 45% of those who took a walk through a shopping center. Connecting with nature reduces fatigue, helps people recover more quickly from stress, and encourages feelings of well being

An ecotherapy session would take place in a mutually convenient, public, outdoor area. I take care to find places that are relatively unpopulated while still ensuring that we both feel safe. However, I cannot guarantee complete privacy since the areas are open to anyone. You can expect to walk, and to be still. Major physical exertion is not an element of this form of therapy.

If Walk and Talk therapy is something you are interested in, click here to schedule a session.